We're officially halfway through the 2023 calendar and it's already been an eventful year for the weather.

The year started out with a rather mild winter, which turned into a colder than normal spring for New York State. Then from May to June, the state endured a five-week long drought, with Canadian wildfire smoke making its way down a few separate times to cause very unhealthy air quality.

Thunderstorms have also popped up across the state recently, with more thunderstorm potential forecasted for the next two weeks. Whether or not they materialize depends on a number of factors, including where you live.

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Other states have been hit by a number of major storms, including Illinois, which has had nearly 100 reported tornadoes in 2023 already. Alabama is next with 91 reported tornadoes in the calendar year.

As for New York, there has been two reported tornadoes so far in 2023.

New York had some tornado threats in 2022, including one that was confirmed to have touched down in Western New York back in late July of 2022.

With the humid and hot weather expected to be here for July and August, the threat of tornadoes will only grow. Even though they're more rare in New York than the Midwest and Southeast, they can sill happen and take residents by surprise.

Never ignore or take a tornado threat lightly. Seek shelter and stay away from open areas.

Thunderstorm chances are in the forecast for the next two weeks in Western and Central New York. We have to wait and see if the state gets any confirmed tornadoes this summer, like we did a year ago.

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