Monday mornings are always a tough go for many of us, since it means the start of another work week after a fun-filled Saturday and Sunday; or relaxing weekend if that's more your style.

However, as you probably know by now, it was not the normal start to your Monday morning if you live in Western New York.

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Just before 6:16 am, there was an earthquake that shook nearly every home and building in the Buffalo region. Its epicenter was in West Seneca, between Indian Church and Mineral Springs Roads.

It was a 3.8 magnitude earthquake, officially.

Those in West Seneca, Buffalo, Depew, Lancaster and Orchard Park seem to get the most impact of this earthquake, although it could be felt past Batavia eastward and as far west as Ontario.

My wife and I were awoken to this earthquake at 6:16 am and it was a very scary few seconds, because it felt like an explosion had gone off nearby.

WIVB interviewed Esther Gulyas of EG Tax in Tonawanda, who says she has experience earthquakes before; both here and even in her time in South America.

Gulyas says the earthquake in West Seneca this morning was unusual. That's because this earthquake felt like a bomb exploded.

"This was really unusual, because it felt like a bomb or something hit my building," says Gulyas.

I recall feeling an earthquake while I was in middle school and while I don't remember what magnitude that was, I know it did not feel like what I felt this morning in South Buffalo.

Neighbors literally walked outside to see if anything had been done or if there was smoke coming from a certain direction.

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