It's horrible that people will prey on other people's care and concern, just to make a quick buck. This latest scam uses a ploy that most of us find hard to say no to - babies in need. The baby formula scam can be found in New York State and around the country. Here's what you need to know.

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TikTokers Are Warning Others About The Baby Formula Scam

The girl in the video below, @arianatomlinson2323, says she and her boyfriend fell victim to the scam.


apparently this scam is very popular i cant believe i fell for it

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How Does The Baby Formula Scam Work?

Usually, a woman, maybe with a child or alone, will approach a 'mark' and tell them her child or kids are hungry and she they can help by buying some baby formula. Most decent people (and listen, I'm not juding if you wouldn't help because scammers have ruined helping people) would say "sure, no problem." So the victim buys maybe a can or a few cans of baby formula for the woman. Sounds innocent, right? Well, here's where it becomes a scam - the baby formula gets returned or exchanged for money or other goods after the victim is long gone, thinking they've helped a starving kid. Another TikToker @TamiFromOhio said something similar happened to her.

@tamifromohio #stitch with @arianatomlinson23 Target scam #targetscam #shopperbeware #babyformula #fyp #target ♬ original sound - Tami from Ohio

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