Sebastian Bach is tired of hearing all the uninformed rumors regarding his ongoing break from his former band, Skid Row.

In 1996 when Bach and the group parted ways. Following months of growing tension, the singer exploded at his bandmates after they turned down the chance to open for Kiss. Bach was dismissed shortly thereafter, and though he’s expressed interest in getting back together with Skid Row in recent years, a reunion hasn’t happened.

That, of course, hasn’t stopped fans from ruminating on Bach’s possible return, with plenty of misinformed rumors circulating online. During a conversation with Screamer Magazine, the singer set the record straight regarding his continued separation from Skid Row.

“There’s a whole narrative that we don’t get along, or they don’t wanna get in the same room as me,” Bach noted. “There’s stuff that I have found out recently on the business side that I can tell the Planet Earth, this has nothing to do with what happened in 96, or me being wild, or us not getting along.”

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Instead, Bach insisted the problem is more logistic than personal.

“The only thing standing in our way is the business side of this,” the frontman explained. “I can’t give you all the details, but it’s not about us not getting along. It’s about us figuring out how to make this work on the business side. And hopefully, we can figure it out. I’m ready to figure it out, but the whole narrative of ‘oh they don’t like him and he’s too crazy’ that’s not even true.”

Sebastian Bach Doesn’t Want to Read About Skid Row's Newest Singer

While fans continue to daydream over a possible Skid Row reunion with Bach, the band has continued with various vocalists over the years. Most recently, the band announced Lzzy Hale would front the group for a series of shows, taking over from the departed Eric Gronwell.

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In his conversation with Screamer, Bach admitted he’d seen press coverage of Hale’s addition to Skid Row, and he wasn’t happy about it.

“Maybe after 9 replacements of me, maybe I don’t want to read about number 10. Maybe it bugs me. Does anybody think about that?” the rocker declared. “How about me giving the best years of my life to make the brand name Skid Row and then 10 people act like it’s theirs. But it’s not. So, maybe I don’t want to read about it… Everybody have fun with the best years of my life, but I’m still making rock n’ roll that can stand up to the best music I’ve ever made. So, that’s what I am concentrating on.”

Bach’s new solo album, Child Within the Man arrives May 10.

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