Let's face it, airline travel is awful most of the time.

Unless you're doling out the big bucks for first class, you've probably been tempted to seek out some travel hacks on social media. There's just one problem with that.

You, of course, can't trust everyone online.

Airport Pillow Hack On TikTok

Every few months, it seems like yet another TikToker is posting a travel hack they claim will ease all of your packing woes.

It's a fairly simple one that will help you stay under weight limits for your bags.

If you find that your bag exceeds the weight limit and you don't want to check it, TikTok recommends lightening your load my tossing some of your clothing into an empty pillow case.

Boom! TSA will just think it's a pillow.

Unfortunately, many of those trying this hack also didn't stop to think TSA employees look at TikTok, too.

Flight Ban For Passenger Trying Travel Hack

TikTok giveth and TikTok taketh.

A now-viral TikTok video recently shot by a traveler at Orlando International Airport is showing others why the pillowcase travel hack is not a great idea.

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The TikTok account @natashaorganic posted a video showing police and gate agents trying to diffuse a situation with a Frontier Airlines passenger.

"Stop letting social media give you tips and tricks because sometimes it's not going to work," she says while filming the frustrated passenger whose boarding pass was denied.

The passenger allegedly had filled a pillowcase with items that were clearly not a pillow. Somehow, no one noticed when passing through security. Eagle-eyed agents at the gate quickly caught-on.

Frontier Airlines ended up calling in police officers reportedly escorted the passenger out of the gate area. The TikToker said the man was not allowed on the flight.

Maybe just layer your clothes next time instead of trying to pass them off as a lumpy pillow.

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