Have you heard the legend of the lake?

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Lake Compounce is an amusement park that first opened in 1846. That is over 170 years ago. It is the oldest continuously operating amusement and trolley park in the United States, a title maintained by opening in certain years for only a few days.

But something different happens when the calendar turns to fall. According to their website;

Thrill all day on your favorite rides, then fright all night with even more horror around every corner. Hang on to your friends through more fog, more freaks, more FX- like the new, next-level mayhem of mALICE in Wonderland 3D. Now, your trip down the rabbit hole is included with park admission. Plus, escape the monster madness in All-New scare zones like Sinister Circus and Deadsville.


This year, the scare is everywhere. Don’t miss the return of Phantom Fall Fest, with more of things that make you scream. Each Friday, Saturday and Sunday through October 29. Phantom Fall Fest at Lake Compounce 185 Enterprise Drive Bristol, CT 06010 USA - you gotta scream it to believe it.

It is a scary good time. Riding the coasters inthe dark with a bit of a chill in the air is a blast. In addition, the haunted events are sure to keep your blood pumping.

Maybe you don't love haunted houses. Well, when you are in the park, you will still be visited by some interesting characters who will try to give you a scare.

It is a great time for all ages and not too far away. That is what i call a win.

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