We've heard wild stories about motor vehicles crashing into structures, or even into a body of water before.

A number of cases such as these may involve the driver suffering from a medical issue, or perhaps it was just a simple user error. Sometimes that accelerator may get confused for the break pad. Other incidents could even center around drugs or alcohol, or even police pursuits.

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However, a recent vehicle crash caused heavy damage to a building in Niagara Falls, according to officials. It's where the vehicle ended up that's got a lot of people asking a lot of questions.

Police Say New York Woman Drove Through Hotel Building and Landed in Indoor Swimming Pool 

WIVB says that a woman drove a car through a hotel building and into an indoor swimming pool Tuesday morning. Police say the 61-year-old woman had accidentally accelerated her 2015 Lexus straight into the Courtyard Marriott in Niagara Falls.

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WIVB says the Lexus ended up splashing down into the hotel's indoor swimming pool. No injuries were reported by police.

The Niagara Gazette said the crash left "significant damage to the building".

The previous week, ABC had reported that a semi-truck carrying Coors Light crashed into a Popeyes restaurant in East Williamsburg. Brooklyn.

Officials say the crash happened in the evening, leaving an unknown number of people with minor injuries, though no one was killed. CBS says that the truck actually t-boned a sedan before hitting the Popeyes, then causing both vehicles to crash into the structure.

The crash caused extensive damage to the fast food restaurant, though ABC reports the building is still stable. ABC says that the 60-year-old truck driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

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