A bright object was witnessed shooting across the night sky during the early morning hours Sunday. Witnesses in New York, and several other states, say the orange-colored light could be seen for a brief moment, and was described as "short and slower than a shooting star".

But this was not the Aurora Borealis, nor another downed high-elevation research balloon that was spotted. The object that was seen in the sky June 2 was a fireball.

Fireballs are defined by the International Astronomical Union as "a meteor brighter than any of the planets". Meteors and fireballs can easily light up the sky, as these fast-moving space rocks often burn up in the upper parts of Earth's atmosphere upon entry.

Why Have There Been so Many Meteors Over New York? 

This recent event follows an active spring for meteor sightings over New York.


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Scientists say, through analysis, that the fireball was first witnessed at an altitude of 50 miles above the Atlantic Ocean, and around 15 miles outside Montauk.

Orange Fireball Streaks Across New York State

The American Meteor Society says the latest report comes from Depew, NY, as a resident says they witnessed a fireball right after 3 AM Sunday. The orange streaking light was also witnessed by several other residents in other Northeastern states, according to the AMS report.

The following video comes from a resident in Northford, Connecticut.

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Reports on this object were somewhat limited, though that is to be expected given that it was so late in the night.

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