Just when it appeared that things were at their lowest for Zach Wilson, he grabbed his shovel, and kept on digging.

As the New York Jets trotted back onto the field at Highmark Stadium during their game against the Buffalo Bills, Wilson, while back-pedaling, tripped himself and fell to the ground. The replay of the spill was shown on the CBS broadcast when they returned from commercial, and the clip was instantly posted online by fans.

The video has since gone viral, and here are some of the best reaction's to Wilson's unfortunately-timed tumble.

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Zach Wilson's 'Trip Clip' Goes Viral, and These Were Our Favorite Responses

First and foremost, if you somehow missed this, here's a look at the trip:

It's an unfortunate mistake, one that Wilson probably avoids 99 times out of 100. This was the odd time, however, where one foot got caught on the other, and Wilson hit the turf. 

Given that the game's TV broadcast was in commercial at the time, there was a chance that the 70,000-or-so fans at Highmark Stadium would be the only ones to witness this blunder. The diligent producers at CBS, however, had other ideas, and when the broadcast returned, we were all greeted by this masterpiece of a replay.

Heck, even CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson was brought in by the broadcast crew to give her thoughts on the fall.

Here were a few of our favorite responses to the video clip on Twitter (now X):

In a separate, unrelated move, Zach Wilson was later benched by the New York Jets, and will serve as the third-string QB for the team in their upcoming game against Miami.

Injury, meet insult.

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