One of the best spots to have great food and brews on Saratoga Lake is 550 Waterfront by Druthers. They have just announced some big changes.

There is nothing like a nice summer night having dinner on Saratoga Lake while drinking a craft beer and watching the sunset. The best restaurant to do this is 550 Waterfront by Druthers. Even though you will be going to the same place, it will be now known as Lago by Druthers.

550 Waterfront by Druthers Facebook page
550 Waterfront by Druthers Facebook page

What Will Be Different at Lago by Druthers?

The name isn't the only change. The restaurant features a beautiful, vibrant mural painted by a local artist Jean Ellen Sotansky. She is the owner of Loves Colors LLC. There is a mural with pink, yellow, and orange on the main dining room walls and a sunset in the center.

According to Druthers' social media pages,

It totally compliments the down to earth vibe and atmosphere we want to bring back.

Lago by Druthers is a family-friendly restaurant located at 550 Union Ave on Saratoga Lake. Their menu is "100 percent homemade". It features craft brews, specialty pizzas, and handheld sandwiches.

You can check out the transformation and the menu HERE.

Druthers said of the new restaurant,

We have transformed the space, concept, and menu — creating a true lakeside, family-friendly, and approachable vibe for all,” the company posted. “We’ve put months of thought and care into a 100% homemade menu, and a vibe that can be enjoyed year-round.

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