This month, a woman from Upstate New York will be launched into space on a mission to the International Space Station.

Photo by Mark Wilson,Getty Images
Photo by Mark Wilson, Getty Images

In mid-February, Jeanette Epps, from Syracuse and a graduate of Le Moyne College, is set to embark on an extraordinary journey as an important part of NASA's upcoming mission to the International Space Station. With 14 years of commitment to NASA since her induction into the 20th astronaut class in 2009, Epps is well-versed in the intricacies of space exploration.

Boeing Orbital Flight Test-2 Prelaunch
NASA via Getty Images

Jeanette Epps is pictured above on the left taking a selfie with a fellow astronaut before a mission.

This mission, a key component of NASA's research to help understand the extended presence of humans in space, primarily focuses on moon exploration. Epps, a pivotal member of NASA's Crew-8 mission, will contribute to cell biology research and conduct personal studies, including collecting blood and saliva samples. These investigations aim to decipher the challenges associated with extended space habitation, providing crucial insights for future missions to the moon and perhaps to Mars.

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Jeanette Epps is excited about the mission and floating in space. She is also excited about witnessing the cosmos and space. She says that she is looking forward to living and working in space and with the crew on this mission. She knows it will be beautiful and exhilarating according to the Times Union.

Psyche Spacecraft Launch
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The mission will launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The Crew-8 mission has four astronauts, with Epps holding a pivotal role. Beyond their pioneering research, the crew will undertake essential maintenance tasks for the 24-year-old International Space Station. Epps, who previously shared her astronaut training experiences during a visit to Albany, continues to serve as an inspiring role model for aspiring scientists.

SpaceX And NASA Postpone Tomorrow's Dragon Capsule Launch To Sunday Due To Weather
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Senator Schumer honored Dr. Epps for her outstanding achievements, recognizing her as a beacon of inspiration for future generations. As she prepares for this unprecedented opportunity, Jeanette Epps epitomizes the spirit of exploration and scientific curiosity propelling humanity into the next era of space discovery.

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