Out-of-staters are routinely guilty of thinking the entire state of New York is like Manhattan. But we Upstaters know there are plenty of pockets here that would not only be considered "off the beaten path", but downright isolated.

The website 24/7 Wall St. decided to look at the areas in each of the 50 states that would be considered the "middle of nowhere"... basically meaning, the area furthest from a city. Here's how they determined this:

To find the middle of nowhere in every state, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed A global map of travel time to cities to assess inequalities in accessibility in 2015 published Jan. 10, 2018, in the scientific publication Nature. For each state we identified the location with the longest estimated travel time to the nearest city. Travel times take into account all forms of travel as well as the quality of transportation infrastructure.


As it turns out, the spot considered the most "middle of nowhere" in the state of New York is a forest preserve in the Adirondacks:

> Middle of nowhere: Five Ponds Wilderness, Adirondack Mountains
> Distance from nearest city: 4 hours, 58 minutes
> GPS coordinates: 43°59’15″N, 74°56’15″W


According to Wikipedia, Five Ponds Wilderness is located in the towns of Fine and Clifton in St. Lawrence County, the town of Webb in Herkimer County and the town of Long Lake in Hamilton County.

But, as they said, it's almost 5 hours from the nearest city. So the scenery may be nice, but don't go there looking for a TJ Maxx.

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