I'm willing to bet that when Jennifer Garner stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon she didn't think she was going to be challenged to a game of beer pong.  I am also willing to bet that Jimmy Fallon didn't think he was going to lose!


Every now and then late night guy Jimmy Fallon will challenge his guests to a game of beer pong.  Past contestants have been that of Betty White, Kate Hudson and Charlize Theron.  Jennifer Garner was the next celeb added to the Jimmy Fallon challenge list. She was on the show promoting her new movie Arthur which hits theaters this weekend when the challenge was thrown down.  Being the trooper she is, Garner accepted but also said she had never played before.

The contest started out slow, much like any beer pong contest but Garner quickly began to take down the late night host.  I think she may have been a little bit of a ringer because she looked like a professional after a while.  Just more proof that Jimmy Fallon is in fact to coolest late night guy next to Conan.

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