The big topic of the day on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show is this vaccine business. Jimmy Kimmel called out the Anti-Vaccine people with a fun little video where doctors yell at the Anti-Vaccine movement people. They also ruin the end of Breaking Bad so did SNL, so if you're watching Breaking Bad don't watch the video. 


I think that the problem is that there is not enough vaccines. I want a vaccine that will prevent my wife from ordering pizza all the time. I live off of frozen chicken products and tater tots, because I get worried that she is giving all of our money to Dominoes.

Speaking of tots, how about a vaccine that will prevent woman from referring to their breasts as tots? I hate that, when someone says the word 'Tots' it makes me think of hot lunches at Public Schools.

I want a vaccine that will prevent me from making spelling and grammar errors, because I keep on double checking my blogs, but I always manage to do something wrong. I think I am over thinking it, I want a vaccine for that.

I don't mean to be making a joke out of vaccines. I tend to forget to take things seriously, because I find a way to turn it into a joke. Maybe they have a vaccine for that.

The whole point of this blog is to instigate a debate on Facebook. I doubt that many people who see this on the Q103 Facebook page are going to click on the link and read this. Maybe they have a vaccine for that.

FYI, I never made it to the end of Breaking Bad. Everyone ruined it for me. Maybe they have a vaccine for that.