Following the indictment on charges of felony battery that was announced earlier this week, Speck Mellencamp, the 18-year old son of John Mellencamp, has turned himself in to the Monroe County (Ind.) Sheriff's Department.

According to the Indiana Daily Student, Mellencamp was released on bond Friday morning after being being booked, fingerprinted and photographed. Ty Smith, the son of Indiana University baseball coach Tracy Smith who is facing the same charges for his role in the fight, followed suit later that afternoon. However, Speck's older brother, Hud, who is facing the same charges, has yet to be accounted for.

The incident in question took place last month, when the brothers and Smith allegedly put a serious beat-down on a 19-year old - including kicking and stomping - on his front porch before running away when the recipient's roommates came out to help. The unnamed victim suffered facial fractures and cuts that required stitches. TMZ has a few somewhat gruesome photos, if you're willing to see that sort of thing.

Speck has claimed in an affidavit that the beating was a retaliation for an incident that occurred at a party earlier that night. Apparently, Speck tried to break up a fight between two girls and said that he was struck by the future victim in the process.