Not only is Johnny Depp an incredible actor that most women want, he's also a pretty damn good guitar player.


It's hard to believe that Johnny Depp is nearly 50 years old.  He's been in film and television for as long as we can remember.  In recent years he's gained more success thanks to his roles in 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' and various Time Burton pictures.  He was honored last night as the MTV Movie Awards for his work.

Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Steven Tyler presented Depp with the Generation award, but before that he took to the stage with The Black Keys to perform their latest single 'Gold On The Ceiling'.  After getting the award they started to rock again, but MTV cut away to go to commercials.  Thanks MTV.  We really wanted to see promos for your crappy version of 'Teen Wolf' and a 'Jersey Shore' spinoff with Snooki and JWOWW.

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