Professional wrestling has been missing on crucial element and that element is clearly Jon Stewart. 

What started out as just a random comment in a normal talk segment on WWE's Monday night Raw has snowballed into a sweet cross over between the Daily Show and WWE. A short while back Seth Rollins of the WWE made a slight slam towards Jon Stewart and the Daily show.

"...I could take over as host of the Daily show for Jon Stewart and make that thing actually watchable..." - Seth Rollins, WWE

Jon Stewart later that night answered back from his home by posting this video.

A few days after the Jon Stewart video got some steam behind it Seth Rollins showed up on the set of the daily show to invite Jon Stewart to come on Monday night Raw. The result of all of this hoopla finally panned out this Monday night with Jon Stewart stepping inside the ring with Rollins. The segment was fantastic and the best combination of a late night comedy host and pro wrestling a boy could ask for.

PS: I would love to be a fly on the wall as parents try to explain to their 7-year-olds why this was awesome.


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