King Crimson singer, guitarist and flautist Jakko Jakszyk discussed the possibility of the band’s latest lineup recording a studio album, saying there was sufficient material to do so if leader Robert Fripp chose to.

Since the prog icons reconvened in 2013, they’ve released six live LPs, but their most recent studio project remains 2003’s The Power to Believe.

“There is about 40 minutes of stuff that we play live that’s new, and there is quite a lot of other stuff, so there is more than enough material,” Jakszyk told in a recent interview. “There are no plans specifically to make another studio record, but by that token there are no plans not to either.”

He noted that we now "live in a different world. Historically, touring was there to promote the latest record. Of course that’s all changed, and now you tour for the sake of touring. Sometimes bands put a new album out, and it’s almost like it’s a souvenir of the tour rather than the other way around. The world and the industry has changed, and it’s all back to front from the industry that I grew up in.”  He added that "it’s all down to Robert – he would have to desperately want to do it.”

Jakszyk, who’s now been with the band for five years, noted that the current Crimson repertoire extends to 45 pieces, allowing them the chance to perform a different set every night. “Within that, there are three or four songs that I co-wrote with Robert, and there is some instrumental stuff that Robert has written,” he said. “There are lots more demos of things that I’ve written with him for Crimson that have yet to make it to the rehearsal room.”

King Crimson begin a tour of the U.K. and Europe on Oct. 29, followed by a tour of Japan from Nov. 27 to Dec. 21.

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