"Yup, you guessed it," says Gene Simmons, the guy who wrote the lyric "You know your man is working hard, he's worth a deuce," as he surveys a line of new KISS toilet seats.

KISS are inviting themselves into your bathroom. Album covers from across the band's discography now adorn toilet seats with options including Rock and Roll Over, Love Gun and Dynasty as well as Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss and Simmons as seen on their solo debuts. Have a habit for destroying your toilet? There's the Destroyer cover for that.

Simmons posted a brief video to Facebook, showing off the new KISS wares and you can check it out below. He goes on to conclude, "If you're gonna do anything, why not sit on my face?"

The demon of KISS also confirmed that the band will embark on a three year tour beginning in January of 2019. He promised the trek will hit all of the continents and will be their "most spectacular show ever." It's rumored that KISS have another farewell tour in the works, a notion that intensified when they applied for a trademark for the term "End of the Road."

On the verge of turning 69, Simmons remains incredibly active, performing with his solo band, was recently named "Chief Evangelist Officer" of a Canadian cannabis company which commits him to a certain number of engagements per year and is planning a new book deconstructing the deaths of rock stars at the age of 27.

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