The New York Knicks are not getting exactly what they hoped for out of the Carmel Anthony trade, but Melo is confident they can turn things around.


Things are not going as smoothly for the Knicks as they expected them to go after getting Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets almost a month ago.  It is the same old headline, the Knicks are struggling, something they thought they would be past with big names like Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony on the team now.

Right now the Knicks sit at 35-35, they are the seven seed in the eastern conference and third in their division behind Boston and Philadelphia.  They have lost six of their last seven games and are 7-9 since bringing Melo to New York.  Yesterday Melo had to do a little damage control after saying it might take till next year after their 100-95 loss to the Bucks.

At the end of the day, it's going to get to where we want it to be at. I'm not too concerned with that. I'm confident in that. I'm positive about making that happen, making this whole thing work.

-Carmelo Anthony

Next year is something that Knick fans, and personnel don't want to hear.  So yesterday Melo told reporters that he is confident that the Knicks will turn things around.  Personally I don't see the Knicks going very far in the playoffs this year, if they even make it.  They are the seven seed right now but Indiana is right behind them at number eight, and Milwaukee is creeping up so unless New York is able to coarse correct pretty quickly they could miss the playoffs all together.

If the playoffs started today they would have to face either The Boston Celtics or the Chicago Bulls.  Both teams would oust them within four games.  Chicago is on fire right now and absolutely dominating opponents while Boston is veteran oriented, and with all that experience they are not an easy team to beat come playoff time.

I think that the system in place may be the issue and that comes from head coach Mike D'Antoni.  He is not a very defense oriented guy and so his system doesn't work well if your game comes down to the wire.  Boston, Chicago, Miami and Orlando are all very defense oriented and have owned the Knicks this season.  D'Antoni needs to start taking note of his competition and make the proper adjustment or New York will continue to fall in the east.

New York has an opportunity to turn it around tonight with a big game at home against the Orlando Magic, the four seed in the east.  Orlando is only allowing opponents an average of 88 points per game.  The Knicks are 6-19 if they don't score 100 points.  When these teams last met on March 1, Orlando scored 69 points in the second half and won the game 116-110.  I hope the Knicks can prove me wrong, but as of right now they are not a very impressive team.

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