Korn is working on a brand new album die out sometime this year.  Yesterday they posted an audio clip of the sound they have been working on.


Korn is coming off a pretty big 2010.  They played sold out shows around the country, including here in the Capital Region then they teamed up with Disturbed for the Music as a Weapon tour.  They played brand new tracks off their lates album Korn III: Remember Who You Are which was loved by Korn fans because they went back to that hard sound that made them big in the 90's.  Now they are working on a new album and it has a bit of a different sound.

They have posted a clip of the music they are working on , on their website because millions of fans were curious ever since Munky said that the new album was going to have a Soundgarden feel.  After hearing it, I don't get a Soundgarden vibe from the new music but more of a Nine Inch Nails feel.  It is very industrial sounding, which doesn't remind me of Korn, though it is only a 30 second clip.  I want Korn to sound like Korn.  Blind, Shoots and Ladders, Twist, all that stuff is the sound that us Korn fans have come to know and love.  That's why they went back to that sound on the latest album.  No release date for the new one, but keep it on Q103 for details.

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