I don't remember eighties movies being this good.

When I think of the eighties, I think of Kung Fu cops, dinosaurs, Nazi's, hackers manipulating time and space, and David Hasselhoff. You can see them all in David Sandberg's thirty minute short film, Kung Fury.

If you're craving an action movie without a complex plot and love watching Nazi's get beat up, put aside thirty minutes of your day to watch this. I was at the edge of my seat and laughing so hard my face hurt.

If you don't believe me, would David Hasselhoff make a music video for a bad movie?

The movie pays tribute to the eighties in more ways than the absurd plot. Through out the film, you can see white noise at times and slight audio pitch shifts reminiscent of the old days of VHS tapes.

This movie wouldn't have been possible without a Kickstarter campaign that raised a little over five hundred thousand dollars. Just goes to show how Kickstarting can be worthwhile.