This disease is going around like a wild fire and everyone from teenage girls to grown men are catching it.  The latest victim of the plague?  Johnny Depp.


Say it's not so Captain Jack!  It looks as though "Bieber Fever" is more contagious than I thought.  Johnny Depp is the latest celeb to catch the sickness.  He said he took his kids to see a Bieber concert back in December and has been a "Belieber" ever since.  At Depps press conference to promote the premiere of his new animated movie Rango he admitted to liking the teen pop stars music and shortly there after Justin Bieber showed up to shake hands with the movie star.  One of the members of the press was even able to get the moment on tape.  I'll be honest, Depp seems pretty star struck in the meeting.

For every generation there is some sort of teen sensation that all people end up falling for at some point and right now it's Justin Bieber.  When I was a kid it was the New Kids on the Block, and when I was in high school it was Aaron Carter.  Eventually they all end up falling off the face of the planet leaving their swarms of fans behind to find the next big thing.  I can't really fault Johnny Depp for digging Biebers tunes.  His kids and wife enjoy the music, so he's hearing it all the time.  It was only a matter of time before it sunk in.  Check out the video of Bieber and Depps surprise meeting.