If you have ever taken bereavement leave, you may understand. Sometimes a week just isn't enough. Well, a new law is being proposed to expand the amount of time given.

Here is the long story short, a new legislation is proposed to expand bereavement leave to 12-weeks. This, in my opinion, is a great thing. If you lose a loved one, it can be very counterproductive to go back to work and try to focus in a professional environment. So I am completely behind the law being passed should it be.

Some lawmakers actually disagree with this saying the law is just too broad and if it passes they hope amendments are made to it. In the meantime, according to News 10, they are also hoping Governor Cuomo just vetos the action.

For me, I am someone who would rather be at work to distract me. Of course, a couple days are great in a time of mourning but for me, I just sit home and cannot stop thinking. At least at work, I would think less about a somber situation.

What are your thoughts?