In the late 1980's there were the Road Warriors in NWA/WCW.. WWE had their own version and that legendary team is coming to the Capital Region.

Bill Eadie and Barry Darsow together would paint their faces, throw on their leather masks and walk to the ring with Mr. Fuji as Demolition in the late 80's WWF. They up until recently were the longest reigning tag team champions of all time. They are the epitome of the word legendary.

Call them a Legion of Doom rip off all you will, the fans loved em, the fans hated em, the fans respected them. I look at them as the last vestige of a bygone era. They will be coming to the Capital Region in September at Heroes Hideout for their one year anniversary. If you want to get a photo and autograph from both it will only set you back $40.

September 15th, here comes the Ax, and here comes the Smasher!!!!