If you were a fan of the WWE or WCW in the mid to late 90's, you surely have heard of this man, Lex Luger.

20 years ago, at the height of the wrestling boom in America, Lex Luger was a main event wrestler for WCW. He has won numerous championships ranging from tag team titles to even defeating Hulk Hogan for a World Championship in August of 1997. The list of accomplishments for one Lex Luger is huge.

I am sure one day the Lex Express will be rolling into the WWE Hall of Fame, it is hard for someone of his popularity to not.

Colonie Center is the place, Heroes Hideout to be more particular. The date is October 13th. Meet the Total Package Lex Luger between 1pm and 4pm.

Will you be attending? I hear Lex is a true success story in his life now. Don't miss your chance, find out more by clicking here.