It is that time once again to fill out your brackets because Selection Sunday is over and 68 teams are heading to the big dance.

We are only a few days away from a time of the season I look forward to every year.  March Madness! This year they expanded the field of teams to 68 in hopes that schools and teams would stop feeling snubbed.  Turns out no matter how many you include, someone feels left out.   So I guess you can't please anyone.  Maybe if you're team worked a little harder in the regular season you wouldn't be in this position right now.

So this years teams are set and Ohio State takes the number 1 overall seed in the tournament.  Joining them in the number 1 spot are Big 12 champions the Kansas Jayhawks,  the ACC Champion Duke Blue Devils and out of the Big East, The Pittsburgh Panthers.  Pitt had a terrific season, but didn't win a single game in the Big East Tournament.  I feel Notre Dame or UCONN deserved the number 1 seed out of the Big East, not the Panthers.

With that being said, The Big East has a record 11 teams in the dance this year.  Notre Dame grabs a number 2 seed while Syracuse and UCONN take 3 seeds.  Louisville takes a spot as the 4 seed in the South East Region. Also joining out of the Big East are Cincinnati, Georgetown, Marquette, St. Johns, Villanova and West Virginia.

The greatest thing about March Madness is the fact that you cannot predict it!  I am willing to bet many will play it safe and take Ohio State all the way, but you can't count out a team like BYU and local guy Jimmer Fredette.  Also out of the Mountain West are the San Diego State Aztecs who beat BYU for the conference championship.  They are also a very dangerous team out of a small conference.  I know that Mrozek was riding high on St. Johns a few weeks ago.  Personally I am loving the way that Notre Dame is playing right now and could see them going very far in this tournament.  If you want to fill out a bracket here is a link to a printable one.

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