A Place Where There's No More Pain, the much anticipated new full-length from Brooklyn alternative metal favorites Life of Agony was finally set free this past Friday (April 28) on Napalm Records, marking their first new album since 2005’s Broken Valley and first effort since singer Mina Caputo's gender transition. The band is currently embarked on a string of shows in support of the fresh LP, which hit New York City at Irving Plaza this past Friday for a historic record release bash.

With no rush to perform tracks from the new album, Life of Agony ignited their set with the title track from their 1993 groundbreaking debut record River Runs Red, causing an immediate uproar within the sold-out crowd at Irving Plaza as fans screamed the song's depressed and passion-filled lyrics: "I got the razor at my wrist 'cause I can't resist!" and "Oh, God help me! The river runs red and I think I'm dyin'!" Nonstop crowdsurfing and a stampede toward the stage ensued as the band fiercely delivered River Runs Red's "Through and Through," along with "Other Side of the River" off 1995's nefarious Ugly.

"You like that sh-t, you like that f--king sh-t?!" inquired guitarist Joey Z. as the group broke out the set's first song from Broken Valley, "Love to Let You Down," which was promptly followed by Ugly's mystified anthem "Lost at 22." "We're going to do Irving Plaza again in another 12 years," jokingly proclaimed Caputo in her heavy Brooklyn accent, as drummer Sal Abruscato introduced the punk rock-ish, moving track "Weeds" from 1997's Soul Searching Sun.

"Yo, this is off our brand new f--ckin' record, you may have heard this song" announced Joey Z., as the title-track to A Place Where There's No More Pain blared throughout the venue with its memorable and fetching crooning thanks to Mina and boomy grooves courtesy of bassist Alan Robert. "So who got the new record?" asked Mina, who received a massive cheer of approval from the packed house, with even some fans proudly raising their copy of the CD in the air. Mina continued, "Okay, who actually bought it?" and "Who actually stole it?" promptly accusing, "Uh, you're all a bunch of f--king thieves." Mina ended her rant by saying, "Share it, buy it, steal it, support it, please...thank you, thank you for your love, for all these f--king years. Thank you for sticking around, giving us your heart, your soul, your love, your higher selves..THANK YOU," which aroused a massive cheer from the audience.

Life of Agony went on to play River Runs Red classics "My Eyes" and "Bad Seed" before delving into newer cuts "Dead Speak Kindly" and "World Gone Mad." The band rounded out their set with gems such as "I Regret," "Method of Groove," "This Time" and the angsty "Underground." A moist and sticky Irving Plaza crowd chanted "LOA! LOA! LOA!" as they were kindly asked to exit the building by staff security after an intense 70-plus minute set from the hometown heroes.

Winners of the "Calling From the Underground” unsigned band contest, Wastelands, opened the evening, getting the pit started early with their New Jersey brand of hardcore metal, spewing tracks from their latest self-released battering, Serpents Tongue.

Life of Agony's record release celebration continues with a handful of East Coast dates in May (get full info here). Scroll through the gallery above to see live photos of Life of Agony and Wastelands in New York City.

Life of Agony Set List — April 14, 2017

01. "River Runs Red"
02. "Through and Through"
03. "Other Side of the River"
04. "Love to Let You Down"
05. "Lost at 22"
06. "Weeds"
07. "A Place Where There's No More Pain"
08. "My Eyes"
09. "Bad Seed"
10. "Dead Speak Kindly"
11. "World Gone Mad"
12. "I Regret"
13. "Method of Groove"
14. "This Time"
15. "Underground"

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