Ever wonder what Barbie would look like if she were a real person? What would her measurements be and how fake would she look? Well, Galia Slayen, a 20-year-old sophomore at Hamilton College created a model of just that, and she did it to raise awareness about anorexia. The connection, Slayen is herself an anorexia survivor.

39-18-33- these are the approximate measurements of the blown-up Barbie doll. Her 39-inch bust calls for a bra size of 39 FF, and her minuscule waist holds up the double zero skirt that Slayen used to fit into. She's also about six feet tall, and has a shoe size of a child's- three.

Slayen put her homemade doll on display at her school's first National Eating Disorders Awareness Week:

College student Galia Slayen created the life-size Barbie doll to help show just how unrealistic the doll is. She wants to draw attention to the fact that the toy is not real in hopes of helping bring attention to eating disorders because she suffered from anorexia, and is working to beat the disease.- news.gather.com

The doll is ridiculously hilarious looking. We all know Barbie is unrealistically proportioned, and doll-maker Mattel

even points that out, and they suggest parents harping to their children about it. I don't know if they should go to that extreme, but it's highly likely that young girls today will look at Barbie as an idol, and they might want to do everything possible to look just like her. Hopefully that will not happen.

Slayen's creation got a lot of media attention. She and her doll "friend" appeared on The Today Show yesterday, and the awareness was able to reach millions. Watch the video of the appearance here.

Some other facts about Barbie, if she were real-life size: for the new collection this year, a French designer made her legs skinnier after claiming that Barbie had "fat ankles," her arms wouldn't be big enough to fit all of her bones and her head would be nearly three times that of an average human head, with a neck that would be twice the length of a normal one. Her neck would only be able to hold a trachea OR an esophagus, not both, so Barbie would have to choose between eating, and, well, breathing. Hmm, I wonder which one she would choose...

Watch the video and read all of the above. What do you think about all of this?

While they are careful not to blame Barbie for eating disorders, experts do believe that the unrealistic views that are presented in the media and in toys help contribute to them. What role has Barbie played in your household? Is she held up as a role model, or do you know that she is simply a toy and nothing else?

Props to Galia! What a great project and great way to put something in perspective. Congratulations to her for defeating the nasty disease that is anorexia!