This is probably the best news I am going to hear all week long. Sadly it will not be all Stewart's Shops though. Find out which ones.

Whether it be Troy on Tap, Saratoga Beer Week or any of the awesome events we do here at Q103, Esperanto seems to always be on hand with their delicious treats. I myself am not really all too much of a cheese fan but something about Doughboys makes me stop caring. They are probably my favorite local food, bar none.

When I heard that Stewart's was going to be carrying them I thought, there is a god. Then I realized that it will not be every Stewart's. Not even the ones just in the Capital Region. Instead ones that are fairly local to Saratoga. Here are the locations..

  • 170 Church Ave. in Ballston Spa
  • 448 Geyser Road in Ballston Spa
  • 1859 Route 9 in Clifton Park
  • 227 Ballard Road in Gansevoort
  • 1917 Route 32N in Gansevoort
  • 521 Broadway in Saratoga
  • 30 Church St. in Saratoga
  • 8 Circular St. in Saratoga
  • 504 Route 9P in Saratoga
  • 1465 Route 9P in Saratoga
  • 4208 Route 50 in Saratoga
  • 87 West Ave. in Saratoga
  • 158 Broad St. in Schuylerville

If you live or work near any one of these Stewart's Shops you are indeed lucky. According to Stewart's this is looking to be a limited time type of thing which really sucks, it however should be permanent.