The surveillance tape that is being considered in Lindsay Lohan's criminal case for felony theft has been released out into the wild media, has now been viewed at least around the country, and Lindsay is furious!

Lindsay is threatening to sue the jewelry shop where she is being accused of stealing a necklace from for releasing the surveillance tape of her to the public.  The jewelry shop allegedly sold the tape to the Associated Press, who in turn, licensed the tape to Entertainment Tonight which has been airing it every second that they get.

I'd be upset if I were Lindsay in this situation too.  She's already thrust into a negative light with the entire criminal court case, and now the shop is not only pressing charges against her, but also making extra money off of her?  That and she looked atrocious in the tape.  She's probably suing just because of that factor alone.

My take on the situation is that Lindsay is probably innocent, the shop probably did let her borrow the necklace in an attempt to pull this huge publicity stunt, which they are succeeding with.  They probably knew that they could get their shop name all over the news, and if Lindsay shops there, well, other people are going to want to shop there too!  It's a bit obvious after selling the surveillance tape to the media.  If it's to be used in court, that's one thing, but to sell it is a completely different game.

MSNBC reports:


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