I think this is a great idea.

Everyone know's that vaping is rampant among teens. according to the National Institutes of Health almost 40% of 12th graders reported vaping in the last year.

I have a teen at home and she tells me that tons of kids vape in school, sometimes even in the classroom if they're really sneaky! In addition, the recent health scares, deaths and warnings from the CDC should make everyone take notice and try to stop underage vaping.

That's exactly what high schools all over the country are doing. Colonie Central High is taking it a step further. Because it's so hard to catch teens vaping they have installed Vape Detectors in the school bathrooms. If the sensor detects vaping they send an alert to the school resource officer and the staff. This is in addition to the closed circuit video cameras installed around the school.

According to cbs6albany.com the school plans on installing eight more vape detectors by Thanksgiving.

Even with these installed, the school’s catching anywhere from one to three students vaping a week. He also says they’re still getting constant notifications about it.


So what do you think? Do you think this will curb teen vaping in school? Unfortunately, there will always be teens that smoke and vape in and out of school, but hope fully this system will deter teen vapers and encourage them to quit.