I like unusual houses, especially if they are old historical houses. For some reason, octagon houses have always intrigued me. They look so unusual and stately from the outside and it seems like inside there wouldn't be a lot of wasted space.

According to NY Heritage Octagon houses are found in more than 20 states and in Canada. The largest number of octagon houses are concentrated in New York because Dutch settlers were familiar with this type of structure, having seen many octagonal churches in use in Holland. So not only will you find octagon churches in New York, but also a bunch of octagonal houses too. This octagon house was built in 1852 and is for sale for just under $300,000 in Barneveld, NY.

Check out the pictures inside. The first floor still has a lot of its 1850s charm while the upstairs has had some updating.

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The New York Octagon House


Inside The Old Central Warehouse

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