Let's face it.  Not everyone's first time is great.  Sometimes there are horror stories that make for great laughs later on.  Sometime's it's magical.  But either way, it always leads to more.... I'm talking about concerts! Get your minds out of the gutter.

Last week, we asked who you saw for your first concert on Q103's Facebook Page.  And boy did you answer.  From the good to the bad to the ugly, there were some GREAT comments. And overall, honestly, you rock! Here's our favorites:

  • 1


    "KISS @ Nassau Coliseum when I was only 4 years old! Psycho Circus tour." - Logan C.

    OK Logan, you officially were the coolest 4 year old ever.  Also- you then saw Godsmack at 6?  Truly jealous.

  • 2

    The Rock Medley

    "First concert ever was The Family Values tour in 2000. It was Static-X, Linkin Park, Staind, and The Stone Temple Pilots. That opened my eyes to concerts and how bad a** they are!!" - Shaun P.

    OK. Now THAT's an amazing first time. I'd be screaming 'let's do it again'!

  • 3

    Halloween Glory

    "The Halloween hootenanny with Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper"- Tony S.

    That was your first?! Mind. Blown.

  • 4

    The Follow-Up

    "Brittany spears at proctors [emoji] What she was super hot. More guys then girls at that so and I’m thinking for the same reason I was there.. if it helps my second concert was edgefest headlined by Rob Zombie..."- Mike H.

    You're lucky you added that second part Mike H.  Hotness doesn't always equate to a good time...

  • 5

    The Legend

    "Iggy Pop in Toronto 1978 at the age of 11.. friend snuck me in..he was wearing NOTHING but chaps. Total rock star" - Peter R.


    OK Peter R., listen to me.  You. Are. A. Legend.  And your friend.  Talk about an amazing first time experience!