Henry Bello, the man who opened fire inside of a Bronx Hospital late last week actually bought his weapon at a gun shop in Schenectady and it was sold legally.

Obviously there is nothing good to say about the disgusting crime committed. Bello who was a doctor at the hospital brought an AR-15 into his work hidden and because he was upset. He killed a fellow doctor and wounded pretty badly another five people. All before setting himself on fire and ensuring his death with gunshots to the head. What makes this even more startling is that he got a gun with a troubled past.

I am personally someone who is all for a very strict background check when it comes to buying a gun. You really do want to weed out the bad people from buying guns. Now sure, you can also live by the mindset. Criminals will just get guns illegally anyway. Bello though was able to purchase his semi automatic rifle "100 percent legally" says the owner of Upstate Guns and Ammo in Schenectady.

All of the trouble and arrests in his past never produced a felony. A felony would have red flagged him immediately. That is the stand alone reason as to why his purchase was all legal and the local gun shop is not to blame.

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