What a cheap shot!  Geoffrey Mutai ran the 2011 Boston Marathon in record time, too bad that record time won't count.


At the end of the Boston marathon yesterday we were crowing another citizen of Kenya the champion.  Man did Geoffrey Mutai blow everyone away.  He ran the marathon in a record 2: 02:03, but it is now being said that it will not be count as a world record.  Why?  Because a great deal of the Boston marathon is run down hill.

Stupid technicality.  Other people were saying that he had a greater speed because he was running with the wind.  That was quickly dispelled.  Race officials say that wind would have nothing to do with taking away the record.  So that really sucks for Mutai, not that he cares.  He can beat everyone on the earth in a long distance race and that s a pretty cool feet.

Kenya has been dominating distance running for a number of years, so maybe this is the worlds way of finally winning one.  Congratulations you won the race, but oh sorry your record time doesn't count.  Really though congratulations and here is your trophy.  That is like shaking someones hand and then punching them in the crotch with the other.

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