It's time to hail the King!

When Marvel first unveiled the details to the upcoming 'Thor: The Dark World' Blu-ray release, fans were intrigued by one detail included among the extra features -- an all-new Marvel One-Shot. While the project was originally shrouded in mystery, the first photos and details from the short film have been release, and it centers around -- yup, you guessed it -- 'Iron Man 3' star Ben Kingsley!

Kingsley previously teased that he had already worked on a secret project for Marvel apart from 2013's Iron Man film, leading everyone to believe his Mandarin character would be reprised for a One-Shot. All the speculation is now confirmed with the first look from Marvel and Entertainment Weekly. So what will this new short be all about?

Those of us who've watched 'Iron Man 3' know that The Mandarin wasn't really The Mandarin but rather Trevor Slattery, a failed British actor hired to pretend to be this terrorist figure in order to mask the real villainy at hand. Kicking off with the character giving his first on-camera interview since the events of 'Iron Man 3' out of high-security prison Seagate, Marvel's version of Alcatraz, 'All Hail the King' can be seen, as EW says, as an epilogue to 'Iron Man 3' or a possible prologue to 'Iron Man 4.'

As 'Iron Man 3' scribe Drew Pearce, who directed and wrote 'All Hail the King,' told EW:

Imagine a real terrorist organization whose beliefs were long held and religious for thousands of years, and imagine a drunk, British actor coming along and essentially telling the world that he’s the face of your organization. I think they would be right to be quite angry.

'Argo' star Scoot McNairy plays the documentary filmmaker interviewing Slattery and acts as a framing device in taking us back to Slattery's past -- including a failed 'Miami Vice'-esque TV pilot from the '80s -- though his real interest is seeing if The Ten Rings terrorist group, which Slattery was pretending to lead, is actually out there. (HINT: It is! See the first 'Iron Man.')

As for leading into a possible 'Iron Man 4,' Pearce said:

I think short movies in general, whether they’re Marvel ones or not, you kind of want them to feel like they’re opening you up to a bigger world. Yeah, I definitely think there are – the non-spoiler way for me to say it — by the end of the short, there are definitely a lot of exciting other places that are brought up in it that could then go in the Marvel universe. You know, whether that’s an Iron Man movie or another one going into Phase Two or Three.

You'll be able to watch 'All Hail the King' in full on the 'Thor: The Dark World' Blu-ray release, hitting stores February 25! Until then, check out the first photos below. You can also learn more details as to how this One-Shot came about over at EW. [UPDATE: Marvel released the stills in hi-res. Click them below to see the full sizes.]