McDonald's' Monopoly is back and your resident gambler, me, is hooked yet again.  I can't say no to a chocolate shake and a chance at a million dollars if I peel off a shiny dark blue Boardwalk property from my cup.  However, just like odds of finding anything under a billion calories on the menu, the odds of winning the big time prizes are long.  Check out some of the "rare" properties.

McDonald's Monopoly is pretty much like the board game - if you collect all properties of the same color or all four railroads, you can cash in. Properties, or game pieces, are found on the likes of Big Macs, chicken nuggets, large fries, as well as medium and large drinks. Also like the board game, owning Boardwalk and Park Place is where it's at.  At the Golden Arches, you could win a cool million bucks if you own both blue beauties. Nabbing those two pieces have long odds, though. Long.  Check out some of the rare winning combination of properties according to McDonald's.

Park Place and Boardwalk - Prize: A million dollars.  Odds: 1 in 306,939,484

Pacific Avenue, North Carolina Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue - Prize: 2013 Fiat 500 Sport Hatchback. Odds: 1 in 158,948,243

Reading, Pennsylvania, Short Line and B&O Railroad  - Prize: EA SPORTS Fan Trip Championship Get-A-Way.  Odds: 1 in 539,566,072

All of the winning combinations can be found in the rules right on the McDonald's website.

The odds of winning a mil are one in 300 million? Eek.  That's a lot of shakes.  I read a sweet article in which Sandra Grauschopf from went a step further and listed the rarer properties of the combination.  For example, Pennsylvania Avenue is the rarer property in winning the Fiat so don't get too excited when you peel off Pacific Ave tomorrow on lunch - even I have a few of those. Check out her list and start keeping an eye out before the game ends on 10/22.

To aid in your search, here are some nearby McDonald's locations:

1006 Central Ave, Albany

391 Central Ave, Albany

106 South Pearl, Albany

780 Hoosick St, Troy

579 Troy Schnectady Rd, Latham

310 Troy Road, Renneselaer

1487 RT 9, Clifton Park

So - who has Boardwalk and wants to make a trade? I'll give you a chocolate shake.