How about this Mechanicville mom leaving her three kids in the car back on July 5 as she shopped inside of Price Chopper? Pretty sweet, ehh? Um, no.

And you before you get your panties in a bunch, it's not like the weather was all that bad a week ago. But let's have a look at what was probably going on in the mom's melon, shall we?

And so you know, grocery shopping with three kids is tough. Especially when they range from 1 to 7. They're always like: "I want this" and "buy me that." Very stressful stuff!

Plus, it's not like she left them in the car with the windows down! They were safe! Windows up, doors locked. Free daycare baby!

Charging 24-year-old Ashley Degrasse with three counts of endangering the welfare of a child is rubbish. She was allegedly doing what any parent would do by locking her little kids in the car so she could easily grocery shop on an 80-degree day. So what's the big deal?

Side note:

As a proud father to a beautiful 8-year-old, I'm not condoning this behavior. I'm actually down with sending my kid into the store as I sit in the car. I hate lines!