One year ago this week, an all-timer was pulled on the City of Albany and former Governor Andrew Cuomo when someone changed the message on The Corning Tower, the tallest of the buildings at the Empire State Plaza in downtown Albany.

The tower has displayed many messages over the years, but nothing quite like what people saw on that Friday evening in 2021.

The message, "NY TOUGH" had previously been displayed for months during the pandemic, but on Friday evening it was temporarily changed to "NY TOUCH."

This is obviously a message referencing the many accusations made against Governor Cuomo in recent months regarding inappropriate touching and conduct.

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A post and picture from a regular contributor on Albany Reddit showed a photo of what was displayed just after 8PM on Friday evening in downtown Albany.  Shortly after I saw the post, variations of the same photo could be seen all over social media outlets.

At first, it appeared that this was the result of someone playing a joke and using photoshop to make the change, but it appears as though this message was no mirage, it was real.

For a short time - perhaps a few hours- the message was displayed before it was changed back to the original "NY TOUGH."

While it's unclear at this point who did this -  and how they were able to do it - it would appear that this would be some sort of an inside job, literally and figuratively.  The only way to pull this off would be some firsthand knowledge of which lights inside the Corning Tower would need to be turned "off" in order to change the "G" to a "C."

Even equipped with this knowledge, is it possible that the person who did this thought they wouldn't get caught?

There's no word at this time whether Cuomo himself saw it from his mansion across the street.

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