Yesterday (July 27), Metallica's influential sophomore effort, Ride the Lightning, turned 34-years-old and to celebrate, James Hetfield took part in a lightning round-styled interview (see below), answering a series of entertaining questions.

To many, Papa Het is a god, but he's still resigned to the same mortal powers as the rest of us, making the idea of a super power an enticing one. Asked to choose between having the power of invisibility or flight, the frontman groans, wishing he could have both. Ultimately, he sides with flight and moves on, naming his first celebrity crush.

Those who follow Metallica likely know that Hetfield has an affinity for cars — fast cars. After picking between Ford and Chevy, he reveals the fastest he's gone in a car is a white-knuckled 175 miles per hour while a caution message flashed across the screen warning viewers not to try that at home.

"Anywhere that my band isn't," Hetfield said with a laugh next after being asked what his quiet place is. On a more serious note, he admitted that hunting and being out in nature is his real quiet place and later cited his quiet place as a source of inspiration.

See what else Hetfield had to say in the clip below.

Metallica are enjoying some time off the road right now before gearing up to launch the second North American leg of their "WorldWired" tour in support of 2016's Hardwired... To Self-Destruct. The trek starts up again in September and the thrash titans have booked out a series of dates through March of next year. To see if they're stopping at a city near you, head here.

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