Metallica has played all around the world, and they are getting set to play India for the first time ever in their career.  The only problem is the show might not happen because a crucial step was skipped when organizing the event.


On October 28th Metallica is scheduled to play Delhi, India and it will be the first time that Metallica has played India ever.  It's quite the historic event.  The concert is such a buzz that MTV India will broadcast the concert so that people who can;t make the show can be a part of it, or they can simply relive it.  There is one catch though, the shows organizer has not gotten permission from Police to do the concert.

According to DNA, when an event as big as the Metallica show comes through the City of Delhi, the Police need to be informed because they need to prepare and according to the Delhi police, they have been told nothing about the show.

A concert of this size to be held in this city requires the organizers to seek police permission and also police protection. I have only been reading media reports about this band performing in Bangalore, but no one has yet sought any permission from the police department.

-T Suneel Kumar (Commissioner of Police)

So will this historic show go down?  Only time will tell.  As of right now, no one has spoken to the Police and they say that is leaving them very little time to prepare.

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