Tonight my crush is Michael Poulsen, the singer of Volbeat. A few months ago I actually got to meet him while he was in the Q103 studios. He seemed tough as nails, a nice guy, and not someone you'd wanna piss off after a few rounds of vodka. Volbeat is becoming a really popular band and each single they've come out with I think rocks! So tonight, Michael Poulsen, you're my crush of the night.

Michael Poulsen is Danish- he grew up in Ringsted, Denmark. His birthday is this Sunday, being born on April 1st 1975. He is a twin and also has twin sisters. Some of his musical influences were Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis, which I think you can really hear in the unique sound of Volbeat. Putting a whole new definition of groove metal in my book. He is the singer and guitarist of Volbeat, now enjoy their new single Still Counting.