On a rainy day when there is nothing why not watch a movie?

You may not know what is good, you can always read reviews on the internet but you can’t always trust them.

There is one movie review series on Youtube that you can trust, it’s Middle Class Movie Reviews with Tatiana and Dan America.

Click on the link to display the very first episode and the official playlist.

Together Tatiana and Dan America have reviewed over 60 movies for the middle class and the best part is that you can see their honest faces when they talk about the movies they love and the movies they hate.

They will give you their honest opinions on what a movie is really worth and they will give their honest opinions and each others honest opinions.

We hope that you enjoy our reviews as much as we enjoy making them. We hope you enjoy Tatiana's smiling face and Dan America's fluctuating weight as he battles nachos and microwave burritos.

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