It happens all the time - you get a jingle stuck in your head all day.  Happens to me.  The worst time is when you have a local jingle you cannot stop singing and someone not from the Capital Region has no idea what the hell you're singing.  Check out some of the commercials always stuck in my head!

The Fuccillo guy - you can't go anywhere around here and say, "HUGE!" without knowing exactly what that means. 

Mary Jane Books "get used on the corner of Western" ha!

You're lying if you have never said "Ah Yah!  Ranger Danger style.  Shout out to our sister station, WGNA.

Professional Fire Restoration.  Every day - EVERY day, I get that jingle stuck in my head.

Whenever I see the Adirondack Tire commercial, I always forgot what the commercial is for.  Hot lady anyone?

Special mention: The Catskill Game Farm.  I found a commercial from 1992, I loved that place as a kid!  Be honest, you wanted to feed a goat, didn't you? 

What do you think?  Did I miss some local favorites?  What is your favorite commercial?  Doesn't have to be a product you use or endorse. I'm not picking favorites here - but what gets stuck in your head all day?