Earlier today I read a post written by BJ, entitled Memorial Day- What Does It Mean To You? A line BJ wrote stuck with me- "it’s a day for us to remember all the men and women in our armed forces who have given their lives for this country."  With that in mind, I thought about those very men and women in my life.

In today's world, the military is voluntary.  No matter if you support the system or not, these fine men and women of the United States of America choose on their own free will to put their lives on the line for a cause.  Once upon a yesteryear, serving the country may not have been voluntary.  I'm sure your father or grandfather and perhaps yourself recall days when being drafted number one over all did not mean a big sports contract. For those men and woman and our fallen heroes, we celebrate what we know as Memorial Day.  Here is a Monte salute:

Monte Jennings Sr

My father, Monte Sr - 39th Engineer Battalion Combat in the US Army, Sergeant.

Mike Locust

My cousin Mike- Staff Sergeant Charlie company 2/108th infantry National Guard.  Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Mike May

Mike May- Builder, 2nd Class SeaBee Combat, United States Navy.  Warfare Specialist, served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Cpl Michael Valle

Corporal Michael Valle, United States Marine Corps, served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The list is long of friends and family that have proudly served our country:

  • Gary Law, United States Air Force
  • Willis Law, United States Army
  • Joseph Reed, United States Army, 101st Air born.
  • John Jennings, Berlin Brigade, Army Security Agency.
  • Milton Joslyn, WW II Glider Pilot
  • Eugena Madeley, Transportation unit Ft. Rielly, KS.
  • Robert Madeley, Transportation unit Ft. Rielly, KS.
  • Jarid Jennings, United States Marine Corps, Okinawa
  • Jason Jennings, United States National Guard
  • Wallace Pullen Sr, 7th Division Infranty - Korean War.
  • John Rumsey, Senior Airman in the United States Air Force.

I'd like to give a large thank you to each of the past and present members for the Armed Forces.  Some are fathers, some mothers, firefighters, store employees or they might even be bluffing you in your weekly home poker game but there is a chance that person may have spent a day protecting us.  Who in your life has made a difference?

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