There came a time in my life where my perception of "Home Sweet Home" shifted from red slippers and Kansas to music venues and stages.  I could no longer walk past a boys bathroom without picturing a group of misfits smoking cigarettes.  Most of all, my image of a "girl" went from sparkles and pink to punk and fishnets.  The music of Motley Crue entered my life and shattered my perspectives into a world of rock and roll.  It was recently the 30th anniversary of "Girls, Girls, Girls" - something to definitely be celebrated.  Motley Crue's fourth studio album gave us rock that continues to resonate with music fans today.

In 2014, when it was announced that Motley Crue was stopping at SPAC during their final tour, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see a band that had shaped so many of my ideals and stereotypes of rock and roll.  Add Alice Cooper to the lineup and it was a concert event that even the most anedhonic person would feel excited about.

Motley Crue lived up to everything that I had imagined during all those times at home listening to their music.  There were flames, costumes, and GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS.  Girls on stage dancing and singing in bodysuits and fishnet stockings. Tommy Lee on his drum riser causing mayhem.  Nikki Sixx being impossibly perfect.  Here's to 30 years since "Girls, Girls, Girls" and all the awesome rock the Crue has given us.  Check out my photos from the show below:

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