She is one of the most iconic figure skaters in American history. A medal winner in the Olympics. Nancy Kerrigan will be here tomorrow.

I have massive amounts of respect for any successful figure skater. I used to work and drive a Zamboni at an ice rink in Troy. Being that I have that in my past, I have seen the lifestyle a figure skater lives. You eat, breath, and sleep being on the ice. I also respect them because If I tried to skate, I would look like a baby hippo learning to walk. It is not easy to perform like that on the ice.

A bronze medalist in 1992, Kerrigan is here in support of the Aurora games happening later this year in Albany. The Aurora Games are an all women's sports competition which is so cool.

Nancy Kerrigan will be signing autographs from 4-5 and posing for photos at the Empire State Plaza Ice Rink.

More on the Aurora Games and why Nancy Kerrigan will be here from the Times Union here.

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