We've already seen temperatures in the 90's and with summer just beginning, there's plenty more of those days coming. Even triple digit temps aren't unheard of in the Capital Region.

Not everybody has their own backyard pool. And pool memberships can be quite expensive, especially as we battle record inflation. A trip to one of the local beaches would be nice, but depending on where you live, that could be quite a trip. Water parks? Definitely fun for an afternoon, but certainly not something you can do every day.

So what do you do with the kids on those sweltering hot days when a simple kiddie pool or garden hose just won't suffice?

Luckily there's a couple other options and they're available at many town and city parks at no charge. Plus, the kids seem to love it.

Those would be the number of different splash pads or spray pads located in different areas of the Capital Region. They've become much more abundant over the years and the number of places to cool off continues to grow.

Let's run down some spots you can take the kids for a day to play in the water.


The city has a number of splash pads and spray pads located throughout. They are scheduled to open on June 26th and stay open through Labor day. Daily hours are 10am-6pm, but extended hours are often available when its especially hot out. Here's where to find them:

  • Black Lives Matter park
  • Colonie Street Park
  • Hackett Park
  • Krank Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • North Swan Street Park
  • Ridgefield Park
  • Rosemont Park
  • Sheridan Park
  • Swinburne Park


  • Elm Avenue Pool Complex


  • Mohawk River Park

Glens Falls

  • Crandall Park


  • Halfmoon Town Park


  • Blatnick Park


  • East Side Recreation Park
  • West Side Recreation Park
  • Veterans Memoral Park


  • Jerry Burrell Park
  • Tribute Park
  • Woodlawn Park


  • Collins Park


  • 7th Avenue Park
  • Corliss Park
  • Frear Park
  • Knickerbacker Park
  • Prospect Park
  • Riverfront Park
  • South Troy Pool


  • Gavin Splash Park (fee required)

It's important to check out the details on the specific park you want to go to. Some may be open only to residents and some may require a type of membership. Plus, operating hours vary by town/city and park.

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