Women have joked around about it for years hoping that someday men could carry the burden of birth control, well that day is almost here. They now have the technology. So it’s just a matter of how much funding there is before it’s available commercially. We’ll have all the same options as women with daily pills, patches or quarterly injections with the final result being a sperm count of zero. It sounds fantastic doesn’t it? I love the idea, but it’s the same thing as the female birth control as it screws up your hormonal balance. I don’t about you, but I’ll pass on that. I love it when I’m dating a girl who’s already on ‘the pill’, but I would never really encourage someone I cared about to start getting on it if they’re not already. Although, from my experience it usually makes a woman’s breast bigger, so maybe… it may add an extra inch or two below for us guys. Well, if you could kill 2 birds in one stone like that it may be worth a little consideration. Find more info at Msnbc.com.